I’m a biogeographer and dendrochronologist who spends a little too much time reading, writing, playing video games — and thinking way too hard about those three things. I’ve enjoyed writing short book reviews since 2007, when I was 19, for Library Thing, and have only recently branched out to writing regular features for a retro and fringe popular culture site, That’s Not Current. It’s been so fun, I’ve decided to devote a personal space to my favorite (underappreciated)  books and all the memories that accompany them.

dendrobibliography, the name of this page, stems from my past research in dendrochronology, and — of course — my love of reading. In addition to this page, I also keep a professional portfolio site of my research and various projects over here.

[Note that this will largely be under construction for the near future. Graphics, more revised old reviews (many of those written before 2013 are more embarrassing than anything…might just scratch those), and some pages dedicated to cool features like ‘Game Write,’ a column all about video game authors who publish in their spare time, are forthcoming.]